Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Keentutors update

What has been done for Keentutors since January:

- Updated business plan for potential investments and expansion.
- Timeline of business activities. (email attachments)
- Operation management system. (email attachments)
- Draft website outlook
- Privacy policy & Terms of service draft.
- Potential employees to be tele-coordinatoors and administrators.
- Allocated funds for Web programming
- Coordinated potential advertising avenues with NUS.

Things to address and do:

- Submit executive summary and enquiries to EDTF for analysis and advisory. (by 8/02/07)
- Finalize page by page contents for web programming.
- Draft contract to outsource web programming construction.
- Finalizing Marketing plans. (March)
- Setting a timetable for Future Ben and Keen activities. (March)

Market research data is required to (error-proof) the business plan and thereby obtaining increased trust from potential investors.

Enquiries to EDTF:

- How EDTF can assist besides the funding programme.
- Advise on legal issues (Privacy policy, terms of service, taxation and security or website trustworthiness); what to do and what not.
- Advise on compliance with regulations on company management
- Bank account formation (Failure to meet conditions/requirements)
- Ben and Keen plans to get private investors and hire company directors who may be ineligible for EDTF funding.
- Managing/handling investments for the project

Ben and Keen embarks on multiple projects such as:
- Importing specialized products (flowers, bouquets, spray cans) for occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year, etc.
- As consultants for web design and web programming.
We are looking for web programmers to join our team.

Problems encountered with ACRA /
- Poor service
- Unfamiliar with the bizfile process.

"Mastering good habits are essentials of self-improvement, which inturn guides you to your riches" - Says Ben...

Do the thing you are afraid to do, and the fear of death is certain. If you say to yourself with perfect confidence and faith, "I'm going to master this fear," you will. - Dr. Joseph Murphy

Monday, January 22, 2007

23rd Jan

Seems like the blog has been inactive for some times. It's already more than half way thru jan '07. Massive actions have to be carried out this year to fullfil the promise we make since we first sat in the coffee shop talking about our aspiration to control our own destiny thru entrepruneurship. Although there's some stagnancy for the past few weeks inevitably tied down by heavy work schedule, tonnes of uni assignments and.......... but nonetheless the burning desire to create something out of benandkeen can still be easily seen in anyone of us.

Let's make an update on my side...

1) A week ago i have approached the jurong point management office to check out on the temporary stalls. I thinking of listing down here so that we can retrieve it from here when we need it next time.
Contact person: Anna, contact:96825828, Rental fee: $150/day min 1 week rental, availability in 1-2 weeks in advance. It's super high traffic flow there.
Bishan temporary stall same contact as above.
For permannent stall in jurong point or some other shopping malls:63837036

1) The biz regarding the promotion of sms2.0 i have turned it down after concluding that it is not feasible.

Currently tried to raise start-up fund for benandkeen. Hope to obtain a few thousands. It's a warlmart concept on importing cheap wholesale from china to sg for this valentine. And maybe to further import other items for other occasion and biz. Have put an ads in newspapers on 19th Jan. Result not as good as expected as too far away from valentine's day. But still manage to get 4 order list from florist and gift shop and some individual orders. Total order 62 bouquet. Below is the item promoting:

Bouquet of nine bears or disney characters for valentine's day ( able to say' I love you' when pressed). It breaks away from the norm of perishable roses.

Cost price: $10
Shipping via courier: $7
Retail out @: $39.90 per bouquet
Wholesale @: $23- $28
Delivery islandwide through my friend delivery company: $7/ trip
(but charge clients at $10)
Noel islandwide express: $10/trip
Profit margin : Appprox $20 per bouquet or $10 for wholesale.

Keentutors. About to chiong on it soon.

Currently heavily study for exams. Undergoing Napoleon hill therapy this few weeks to build up a strong mental power for success. It was the first book that these people have read that they proclaimed has marks their turning point of their lives; adam khoo, steve job, CEO of millions of entreprenuers.

For Ben,
How's the meet-up with Rubuen? And how's the D&D of NUS?

Lastly, for the new year, i wishes for a good health and happiness. And a happening benandkeen 2007!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas Ben and Keen from Ben!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! Received lots of season greetings through smses yesterday nite till morning. Really wanted to do that myself too but I've been sending far too many smses this month liao. Anyway, I'm under this self-improvement therapy: 7 habits of highly effective people. I'm still uneffective now but... I will in time to come.

Based on the rule of effective pple, I should be sending greeting cards for christmas cos this is a good reason to reinforce contacts with friends and endeavours. Why? Think deeply, its good for the future. Anyway, I shall be sending cards for Chinese new year, my second chance.

Well, 2007 is a few days away, what are my new year resolutions?

Firstly, I hope Ben and Keen is the key to unlocking success. Since its incorporation, I've learnt and progressed. With more commitment, I know it will happen.

Secondly, I hope the year of the Oink! Boar brings good luck and prosperity to everyone of us. Be it academics, relationships or business, it will be the good year!

Finally, this is for myself, my weight has been soaring new heights recently. I need some kind of desire to lose weight or be more committed to my healthy lifestyle regime. That 'desire' I've just seen it in my friend. He lost alot of weight since getting a gf. Should I? Worth it? Can I nail it? Am I committed to it? err... goodness gracious me... why ask myself this when the answers are given already.

Goodness gracious me... Merry Christmas everyone! Goodness gracious me... Happy new year too! Goodness gracious me... What am I doing???

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

An apology message


seems like you are getting more active on this blog nowadays. Improvement. Haha. Just Joking. Anyway you didn't read the title wrongly. I wish to make an apology here. Last few days maybe i was a bit harsh on my words. You are right! We should maintian a positive and lively tone of communicating throughout our whole partnership. Pardon me for my impatient and the ugly words. I have put too much blame on the laptop for the failure of last meeting. I should have shift the focus onto myself instead and perhaps reflect on what i can actually do to prevent such things from occuring again instead of complaining. Your mistake is not totally your mistake, we shared the mistake cause we are one partnership. Your failure is my failure. Only if we take sole responsibility of the failure and improve on our individual strength then can we compensate on other shortness and thus taking charge of the end result and eventually in control of the success.

Now lets us forget the past and chiong forward. January is coming. Hope we have a good start for a good year. Thanks for everything!

Chia Keen

Belated quote.

"In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative original thinker unless you can also sell what you create. Management cannot be expected to recognize a good idea unless it is presented to them by a good salesman."
- David M. Ogilvy

We are and we must stay in line with this principle in our business.

In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield.
- Warren Buffett

Getting feedbacks and solidify foundations is nature's way of growing up as a creature on earth. In business, its the same. Nature created business.

We have progress thus far, at least we learnt and progressed while others are still "suckling nipples." We must not let our efforts to waste by distractions.



P.S. I'm waiting for some replies from you.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Take note

As part of my education and actual work experience in organisation behaviour, I suggest we do not use 'negative emotions' in work. I reckon it always exist in any organisation for its benefit and also disavantage. Try keep it to a minimal and I work well w/o it.

On the flipside, 'positive emotions' is encouraged and SOP.

Your lifestyle: though its personal, I think you should balance it and take a more healthy direction(more sleep) cos your flu last week passed to me you know. - This is an example of constructive, not negative.

"Your hard work is recognised. But don't keep blaming me on the laptop ah, at least I brought it... if not tonight soccer you see how many goals I score against you ah!!!" - this is an example of soothing the tension if it ever did work.

For the record, get an msn messenger k, better for comm, and I have all our classmates contacts in msn.

Let's set another rule so to improve communication: Let's put an asterick(*) at the end of the paragraphs that you need comments on. Do it when its important and not abuse it.

yours absolutely,


Send me the gist via email

Your hard work is recognised. But don't keep blaming me on the laptop ah, at least I brought it... if not tonight soccer you see how many goals I score against you ah!!!

As for viewing the blog, I merely glanced through, I think the site meter reflected that. Anyway, at this point of time, I did read thoroughly what you wrote and commented on it. I have changed.

Are you still frustrated? I hope I have resolved any misunderstanding here. Don't forget, just before I went to Phuket, I spent alot of time planning keentutors and wanted to meet you but you were not free and busy on other commitments. I am very serious in fact and do not accuse me of anything negative(lazy) because I just came back and have lots of stupid laundry and cleaning to do.

Setting good working culture: Setting a monthly flexi-meeting-time-table to meet agenda requirements. Let's work on this.

I want confirmation on whether you have understood any of my points on my 2 previous posts. (see*)